"Big Mike Takes Lunch" by filmmaker Nicolas Heller, is a documentary that captures a day in the life of Michael Saviello, manager of 40 years for the iconic East Village barber shop, Astor Place Hairstylists. For the past year, Mike has devoted his 45-minute lunch break to something he hasn’t done since Highschool... Painting.

Follow Mike as he takes you on a journey through his shop full of characters and the storage unit he’s turned into his personal art studio, adding another uniquely New York charm to one of The city’s best kept secrets.


Roz Chast's work has appeared in several magazines through the years, including Village Voice and National Lampoon, but she is most closely associated with The New Yorker. In addition to her many cartoons and illustrated essays, she has created some 10 covers for the publication, and her nervous sense of humor and energetic style have become intrinsic to its identity. "Roz seems to have always been enamored of the hilariously jarring: the revolting food label, the offensive get-well card, the nihilistic needlepoint pillow," Allen says. "She has provided The New Yorker with an incredible trove of odd details and objects, as well as a cast of neurotic characters whose anxiety vibrates through the very lines with which they're drawn."